ProgMan is an IT company providing service for educational establishments and other budgetary units. Constant development and technological improvement of our software results in an increasing share of the educational market and growing circle of clients. At the same time, the quality of our solutions and service has been of top quality for years. Special attention is paid to the needs of budgetary establishments especially at the time of legal alterations and intense reforms in education. The measure of our success is knowledge, experience and long-term relationships with our clients. Our aim is to provide modern system and training (e-learning) solutions improving the organization of an establishment and the management of education.


A wide range of our offer includes:

  • systems for educational unit administration and budgetary units such as: within the range of human resources, finance and accountancy, stocktaking or the management of stock and canteen;
  • applications supporting everyday teacher's work: school register ( Eng. iRegister), periodic diagnosis of the quality of education (Analizator Wyników Egzaminów Zewnętrznych Eng. External Examination Results Analysis), and systems facilitating the flow of information within schools (System Zarządzania Informacją Eng. Information Management System);
  • software dedicated to school libraries, educational and state libraries (;
  • integrated and specialist solutions for local governments, for example: to conduct electronic enrolment of pupils to nursery schools or secondary education (system Nabór Eng. Enrolment), and to support the realization of Article 30a of the Teacher's Charter (Baza Analiz Wynagrodzeń Nauczycieli Eng. the database of Teachers' Remuneration Analysis).

The confirmation of high quality of our software and employees' qualification is the title of Microsoft Certified Partner (MCP) the company was awarded in autumn 2010. System iDziennik, however, after positive process of certification by Microsoft, received a logo "Works with Windows® Server 2008 R2". The logo guarantees that the iDziennik system is secure, has extended management functions, and modern and user-friendly interface.

Conferences, seminars

ProgMan does not only produce software for education management but also actively participates in wider aspects of education. The company organizes contests for the young, and takes part in numerous conferences and educational trade shows. Since 2001 the company has been running an educational portal EduForum ( which promotes the exchange of professional experience and, most importantly, integrates educational environments. Moreover, ProgMan is a partner of Interkl@sa mark of quality which main aim is to promote schools preparing pupils to co-exist in the information society in accordance with standards of the European Union. ProgMan was also awarded the title "Partner Przyjazny Edukacji" (Eng. Education Friendly Partner) by the Łódź Centre of Teacher Training and Continuing Education.

Initiatives taken met with approval from academic environments, local governments, Central Examination Board and the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia where the company has its office since 2007. This is where the company, surrounded by the most prestigious and innovative entrepreneurs, designs, implements and constantly develops its applications.

Ul. Aleja Grunwaldzka 163
80-266 Gdańsk
tel.: 058 732 16 00
fax: 058 732 16 08